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Samples of what readers and reviewers have to say about Promise...

"Kristie Cook has created an intoxicating world with a cast of characters that are deliciously addicting.... The descriptions are breathtaking, the characters so addicting. And the love story? Well, it’s priceless. I highly recommend this book!" Meredith Shea Wood, author of Panthan's Crucible

“Brimming with all the paranormal thrills, relationship drama and dark mystery the reader has come to expect from Twilight, Cook exchanges the angst of teen romance for situations to which adults can relate. … Promise becomes a page-turner that keeps the reader spellbound to the end, eager to discover what comes next for the main characters.” – Charlotte Sun Newspaper

 "This book shocked me. I really didn't know what to expect, but I truly didn't expect to be up all night reading it and to be completely blown away by the writing, story line, and characters."  - Jessica, full review at Confessions of a Bookaholic

"Thrilling, action packed, with rich and endearing characters, mystery and a love story unlike most others, this book has all the key ingredients and then some to quickly become the book everyone wants to read." - Lisa, full review at A Life Bound by Books

"Cook’s descriptive writing made me feel like I was right in the middle of the story. Lately I’ve been all about the little details and have come to realize that quite often it is what is happening in between the big events in a book that makes the whole thing seem real. Cook’s eye to detail, whether describing a room or how a character is holding themselves, all added to the believability of the story." - Colleen, full review at Lavender Lines

"From the very first chapter, I was tossed in the sea of emotions that this book brought. From there on out, it only dragged me more and more, pulling me in with the characters....Ms. Cook left nothing out detailing everything perfectly. Her whole plot, and writing was just beautiful. Did this book have Promise? It sure as hell did. I give it 5 BITES!" - Savannah, full review at Books with Bite